Kathy Carpenter Hefner  recommends Prestige Subaru.

I can't say enough about what a great experience it was dealing with Prestige Subaru. I knew what I wanted, and communicated online with Kim Richardson. The next day she had the exact car I wanted sanitized and waiting for me to test drive. No pressure, no problem. Social distancing was very important to me in this time, and every effort was made to minimize any risk. They worked to get me the best possible deal and the best possible financing. Can't imagine a better experience!



Hello! My name is Lisa, and this is my BRZ love story... 

In early 2014, I was driving a barely-running 2001 Honda civic when I first saw her! I was on my way to work, talking on the phone with my fiancé, Jay, when SHE turned onto the road from my right side. The next words out of my mouth were "I don't know what this car is but it's beautiful!". After a few more sightings, we figured out that the car was a Subaru BRZ and I fell in love with it. 

Months later, I found myself buying a used Scion TC from Prestige Subaru, and I noticed they had a new BRZ on their lot across the street. We drove over and I had my first close-up look. I fell even deeper in love and told her "I'll be back for you". 

It's now 4 years later, Jay and I are happily married, better jobs, kids almost all out of the nest, and it's time for the BRZ. According to their website, Prestige Subaru had one in stock. So, I requested info via their website. Within an hour, Tonya contacted me. She answered all the questions she could and got back to us promptly when she couldn't. We scheduled a test drive. Finally, the moment of truth… Is the Subaru BRZ going to be the car of my dreams or will it fall short? I pushed her as much as I dared, and I was impressed with how she handled. I loved her and was ready to sign on the dotted line. Tonya and I talked about the amount I wanted to pay for the vehicle and within minutes she was able to get me my dream car at the price I wanted to pay.
Thank you, Tonya and Prestige Subaru, for making this dream come true! 

May 15th, 2018
Todd Gibbs
17 mins ago
Well, Prestige Subaru (and Jason Wicks) have set the bar extremely high for quality, efficient, and effective customer service. My wife and I purchased our first WRX in 2015 from Jason Wicks at Prestige Subaru-Asheville. That was a good buying experience and a great car. We purchased our next WRX in November, 2018, also from Jason. We loved both cars very much. About 1 month ago, our 2018 WRX experienced a problem which illuminated every warning light on the dash. It was hauled over to Prestige and they jumped right on it after providing us with a loaner vehicle. The problem proved more difficult to solve, so they consulted with Subaru USA Engineers. All of this time, Prestige is communicating with us what they are finding out. After about 3 weeks, we were getting discouraged. Jerry Hagan, the service manager was great explaining the process of trying to determine the problem. Unfortunately, without any real success of determining what was making the car not run correctly. I understand, sometimes these things happen. We mentioned our problem to the salesman we always work with at Prestige, Jason Wicks. As with all previous communication with Jason, he was on the problem, and trying to find a solution that would make us happy. With Jason's and Jerry's diligence, and hard work with us and for us, they convinced Subaru to make us happy customers and swap our black 2018 WRX for a new 2018 WRX. Those two guys were our advocates for us with Subaru USA and with the management at Prestige. A big thank you to Jason and Jerry. Their ability to empathize with us, their communication with us, and going to bat for us was awesome. I have NEVER had a dealership or employees of a dealership, of any type of vehicle, be so customer oriented (and I have bought new cars, motorcycles, and boats from dealers). Big thanks Jason Wicks. He honestly cares about his customers. Thanks also to Jerry Hagan for listening, and communicating with us. And thank you Prestige Subaru for taking care of your customers!!! For a bad situation (newer car with problems), these guys, Prestige, and Subaru made us customers for
life! Sincerely, Todd & Susan Gibbs
Just now
A monumental thank you for choosing us Todd and detailing your positive experience. We really appreciate the time you took to share the kind words. We appreciate you & hope you have countless safe miles in your new Subie!




A photo submission from a loyal Prestige customer, Ken, with their 2012 & 2017 Subaru Outback. Thanks for sharing! 




October 2016 -

Photos courtesy of Prestige clients George & Lisa. We really appreciate your sharing these great pics and comments!

" Attached please find a picture of our Subaru helping us explore the Shining Rock Wilderness and some other shots. We are in our 60's and this was our first backpacking adventure - Three days, 2 nights and 25 miles. We just thought it was cute to include our Subi in the pictures. Love my Forester and the adventures she takes us on. "



Photo courtesy of Prestige Client - Rebecca Wiegand of Asheville with her 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited in Crystal Black Pearl assisted by Jason Wicks, Internet Sales Manager. Seen here on the Blue Ridge Parkway, October 5, 2015.

" I am also really enjoying the Outback. Thought I would share a picture with you to sum up how awesome the car is. Worked overnight and decided to take the new Outback the scenic way home on the parkway this morning, found my way above the clouds.

Thanks for making this car buying experience so easy! I'm very happy with my Outback.  "

Thank you so much Rebecca for taking the time to write back and share the experience. We hope you have countless enjoyable miles above the clouds!







Photo courtesy of one of our Zipline ticket winners, Miriam Keeter, they had a chance to use the tickets and had a great outing. Thanks for taking the time to write in & share the great photo!

" We used the zip line tickets I won in the drawing today- what a blast! Thank you and Prestige Subaru so much, it was a wonderful family day. Our son even came home from college to go with us. Brandon and Drew were awesome guides. Thanks again! 
Miriam "






Attached is a photo of one of our new Subaru customers out enjoying their vehicle.