5,600 Veterans Served 
104 Assistance Dog Placements 
Program Delivery Sites Nationwide
Treating TBI, PTSD, and MST 
PAWS Act inspired by WCC's Model

Who is Warrior Canine Connection?

"Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that utilizes a Mission Based Trauma Recovery (MBTR) model to help recovering Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other."

What is Warrior Canine Connection's Mission?

Warrior Canine Connection's mission is a two-fold win-win for our nation's veterans. They empower veterans who have returned to civilian life with the mission of training new service dogs for fellow wounded veterans. "By interacting with the dogs as they move from puppyhood to training to adult service dogs, Warrior Trainers benefit from a physiological and psychological animal-human connection. As a result of their efforts, Veterans with disabilities receive the finest in trained service dogs.

Why Warrior Canine Connection?

We believe that our nation's veterans deserve the best healthcare and treatment upon returning from deployment serving our country. Warrior Canine Connection exemplifies the best with their Mission Based Trauma Recovery model, utilizing animal training, companionship, and connection. We are proud to support WCC and their mission through their battle-tested work helping our veterans on the road to recovery.

For more information, visit warriorcanineconnection.org