Served a total of 3,660 people.
Responded to 3,790 crisis calls.
Sheltered 271 adult and children survivors, providing a total of 5,091 safe bed nights.
Supported 1,177 people accessing help through criminal and civil court systems.
Assisted 431 people to obtain Domestic Violence Protective Orders.
Provided specialized Child and Family Advocacy and Children's Services to 839 Children impacted by domestic violence.

Who is Helpmate?

Helpmate is a domestic violence advocacy 501c3 non-profit organization that supports victims of domestic violence, and works with our community to eliminate abuse and fear through educational initiatives. 

What is Helpmate's mission?

Helpmate works with our community to eliminate abuse and fear by providing safety, shelter, and support for victims/survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. 

Why Helpmate?

We believe along with Helpmate that "we are all to be valued, and have the right to speak our truths, be heard, and be honored, and achieve our all portent. We all have the right to live in safety, without violence or fear." We are excited to support Helpmate and their work in 2023 to help make our community a safer placer for all to live, work, and play. 
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