11,284 local pets saved or supported 
3,576 animals adopted 
1,002 pets reunited
113,161 pounds of pet food provided to people and pets in need 
4,645 animal care supplies provided to 2,299 families.

Who is Asheville Humane Society?

Asheville Humane Society is a local, independent non-profit serving as the only open intake animal shelter in Buncombe County since 1984.

What is Asheville Humane Society's Mission?

Asheville Humane Society is "dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in our community through education, sheltering and adoption." AHS offers a number of services for the benefit of animals, owners, and our community at large, including behavioral training, education to ongoing care, reuniting lost pets, access to resources for our community, among other remarkable efforts to improve animal welfare in Buncombe County.

Why Asheville Humane Society?

Prestige Subaru has been a long-time supporter of AHS, since the days of their merge with Animal Compassion Network. Asheville Humane Society has proven to be the leading animal care facility in WNC, and we are proud to support their life-saving work and invaluable community programs supporting our fellow residents and their pets' needs without hesitation. We are excited to continue our support of AHS in 2023.

For more information, visit ashevillehumane.org