27 educators in the school, allowing for strong teacher-to-student ratios.

63 Students currently enrolled, 30% of which are receiving services in multiple areas, such as occupational, physical, or speech therapy.

400+ children on a waitlist to enter Irene Wortham's Early Learning Center.

5 star- the highest rating an Early Learning Center can receive.

Who is Irene Wortham Center?

Irene Wortham Center is a local non-profit working to empower children and adults with developmental or socioeconomic challenges to lead healthy, happy, more undefended lives since 1961. Irene Wortham Center provides a range of services for individuals with IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) including, CARP accredited Adult Day Activity program, Residential Care, and our 5-star Early Learning Center. 

What is Irene Wortham Center's Mission?

Be a leading voice for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Advocate for the rights and needs of people with IDD. Provide lifelong programs and comprehensive services for consumers to achieve developmental milestones and lead happy, healthy, and more undefended lives. Provide inspiration and encouragement for personal achievement and growth for consumers, families, volunteers, and staff. Provide an engaging environment where everyone can learn, live, and work together. Engage the larger community in the lives of Irene Wortham Center consumers and their families. 

Why Irene Wortham Center?

We believe that healthy early childhood development is key to positive outcomes and the future success of an individual, with or without disabilities. Irene Wortham Center exhibits the highest possible rating given to a childcare center in the State, providing the highest quality care, programming, and highly trained teachers for children 0-5 years old. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for high quality education, especially in early development, for an enriched community and a brighter future for all. To this end, we are excited to support Irene Wortham Center in their mission in 2023
For more information, visit ireneworthamcenter.org