February 2021


Hi, my name is Katie. My family calls me Boo. I'm 16 and live in Murphy, NC. About a year ago I had to change homes. It was really scary, but I'm OK now. I live with Dale, Jack and Sonsie. She's a dog, too. So I have some canine company. She showed me the ropes. We spend the winter in NC. I love snow. Come summer we pack up the Outback and head west. It's very exciting. I get to be a ranch dog. That means no leash! All summer us ranch dogs get to do as we please. Only one rule: Be home before sundown. You know there's lots of coyotes out there.  Life is good. 

January 2021


Zeus is a 4 year old Lhasa Apso, who thinks he's a guard dog that's 4 times the size he really is. He loves spending time with his family, car rides, and being the center of attention at all times. He's a sweet boy with a BIG personality. Also shown is his stepbrother Tubby the cat.


December 2020


Charlie Brown and Dezi-O entered the Server family lives through different paths! Charlie Brown was a birthday gift to Bill . . . while Dezi-O (who originally worked as a service dog for MC Track Coach Brenton Olinger) arrived a year later. Their birthdays are only a month apart . . . in November and December . . . and they just turned four years old. Of course these two are part of a two-Subaru family! 

Oh, if only the world of people could love each other unconditionally like these labs! They both spend time with college students, school kids, veterans, and others . . . to include the waiting rooms & offices at the Asheville Subaru Dealership! 
November 2020


Stormy is a 3 month old long haired German Shepherd and Cashmere is a year old 140lb Great Dane. Stormy is the little digger currently but the sweetest puppy I may have ever had. Cashmere is extremely athletic and can run 36mph and jump over my 7ft privacy fence.
October 2020


This is Cali. She's 2.5 years old & loving her new life in Asheville. She just moved from FL this year and has found a new love of hiking and waterfalls. Her favorite thing to do is swim in rivers and chase sticks down the stream! 
September 2020


Welcome to the Prestige 4 Paw-Drive Family - Mac! Mac is a Belgian Malinois & only 8 weeks old is handling his very own Subaru with ease.
He was a pure Joy to have here and hope to see a lot more of him in the future!
August 2020


Eve is a 3 year old Scotty Terrier that is owned and loved by Michael and Brenda Edwards. Eve really enjoys riding in the front seat of her owners 2020 Subaru Outback. 

Also I would also like to recognize Mr. Edwards who was a Marine and served his country in Vietnam. Thank you for your service. 
July 2020


Hi my name is Zoe Renee!! I'm 3 years old and my mom and I are inseparable! I love flowers, laying in the sun, warm laundry and cats are my best friends. I'm very social and love snuggling. Excited for summer time with mommy!!
June 2020


Griffin is a 2 year old male Cardigan Corgi. His first pet parent was planning to move and was expecting a surgery that would have made it difficult to keep up with his energy. He has two sisters (Kimble and Kiwi), who are a few years older. Griffin loves chasing rabbits in the backyard, sunning in the grass, and ALL the treats.
May 2020


This is Mr. Rags (left) and Amy (right), they just met last year and started living together. My partner and I were nervous to introduce our kitties at first, in fear that they may not like one another, but they quickly warmed up to each other. Now they are best of buds and love chasing each other in the house or adventuring together in the backyard!
April 2020


This is Chief. Chief is a Presa Canario who just turn 1 year in March. Chief is about 120lbs and growing. He drools (A LOT) but is a great dog. He loves to play with other dogs, very friendly and keeps mama and daddy on our toes. We love him soooo MUCH and has been an absolute pleasure having him as part of the family. 
March 2020


Magnus is a regular visitor to the dealership. He enjoys sitting in chairs like a person in the office of our Service Manager and also when he is at 
home. When he first entered the household he was 8 weeks old, 17 lbs and was slightly smaller than his "sister" a 6 year old Boston Terrier. Within 
a couple of weeks she began to suspect something was amiss and that this new addition was not in fact a dog, but some sort of mutant pony.
Now, nearing 6 months old Magnus weighs nearly five-times what he did when they first met but he is still the same floppy, clumsy, goofy, loving puppy he was on that 
first day.
February 2020


Meet Toby Jones, cared for by our very own Kim Richardson - Internet Sales Manager. Toby is a full blooded, nearly 10 year old Shih Tzu adventure hound! Since joining our family in April of last year, we've been hiking, bicycling, and kayak/paddle boarding together! He loves his neighborhood walks, is mesmerized by waterfalls and adores babies in strollers. He has a growing bow tie collection, and enjoys getting dressed up and dapper for parties. His favorite, of course, is getting to go to town in his '05 Forester or '02 Outback. And if you sing, he may just chime in with some howling harmonies!
January 2020


Remember one of our additions to the Prestige 4-Paw Drive Family not that long ago? Fast forward a handful of months, now at 8 months old Cashmere has grown significantly. He is so sweet and playful. We love it when he stops by.
December 2019


The Orange/Stripped dog is me and my partners dog. His name is Bo and we adopted him off the streets. We believe he was used for hunting but before hes so silly, we believe he was dropped off in TN. He does really well with dogs and people and loves to hug and cuddle and be all over you. He also loves to sleep in our bed on top of us and go on car rides. 

The brown lab is named Harley and the German Shepard's name is Apollo. Harley was my brother Adam's first service for his type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed at age 3 and was having seizures on a daily basis. After many donations from multiple people in our community, we raised enough money to buy Harley and now he alerts us when Adam's blood sugar is too high or to our low so he no longer has seizures.

Currently, Apollo is Harley's replacement as we are retiring him but Harley still lives with us and gets to enjoy he rest of his life retired and going for walks in the park. Apollo is a full breed German Shepard whose parents came from Germany. He is still in training but is super smart and learning quickly on how to help Adam. 
November 2019


Meet Magnolia! Maggie is our sweet four month old rescue puppy. We adopted her in September from Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf, MD and have been in love ever since! They told us she is a pointer mix, but the vet is thinking a border collie, especially because she is learning so quickly. She loves peanut butter treats, squeaky toys, stealing our socks, playing with her puppy cousins, and giving endless kisses. She has been the easiest puppy since day one and we are so lucky to have her! We love our Maggie Moo!
October 2019


Prestige Subaru would like to welcome the newest addition to the 4 paw drive family - Mila. A sweet American Bulldog pup cared for by our very own Parts Manager, Brent Hancock. We look forward to seeing a lot more of this cutie.
September 2019


Meet Riley! He's a ten-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix who owns Teresa, one of our Internet Sales Managers. 
Riley is a character. He thinks that he's a person; he tries to talk back when you talk to him and seems frustrated that you can't understand what he's saying. He'll shake your hand to get you to start petting him and then punch you in the face when you stop. 
Riley is happiest when he's eating, riding shotgun in Teresa's Forester, and being showered with attention.
August 2019


Victoria E. sent these pics of HoneyBear in her new 2019 Crosstrek. Victoria and HoneyBear ride around Asheville and also enjoy taking road trips to visit family, and their new Crosstrek has them riding in style and safety with the EyeSight Driver Assist System.
July 2019


Mia loves her Subaru toy and riding in her forester! She also enjoys running and playing with her toys and being with her equine friends Val, Cora and miniature horse Nutmeg.Just a little spoiled and well loved.
June 2019 


Meet Izzy. She was rescued when she was 4 years old and is now apprx 13 years old. Her mother Laura Bryant now has the back of her Crosstrek set up for this senior dog to be more comfortable.

Here is a pic of Izzy in the car when it was brand new (clean)… and before I padded out the back seat for her special needs! As you can see by this very happy pup, older dogs need to be adopted too. Give a senior a chance!

May 2019


Can you tell that this Forester is the dogs car? Azleene, Tater and Barney love to get together for a hike in the Asheville mountains. This picture shows what happens every time the back hatch is open. Love their enthusiasm for life.    All that spirit fits in my Subaru.
April 2019


Hi! My name is Sweet Sonsie Dickerson. I'm a Farm Fresh Golden out of Wheatland, Wyoming. You may wonder how I came to live in WNC. Well, sometime last winter I heard that my new family, Dale and Jack, really needed a dog. So I volunteered. They drove out to Wyo, picked me up and we headed to my new in home in Murphy NC. We travel all over the country in our Outback. The backseat is my exclusively territory. I love to run, swim, eat and snuggle. On my last visit to Prestige Matt gave me a fabulous Subiesqueaky toy. It's very nice but I'd prefer a new Ascent ...more room for me! Until then The Pickle (our Outback)  will keep us safe and take us on many new adventures.      
March 2019

Meet Little Joe, Brown Pup, and Lucy (cow-looking pup), now fully grown at ages 2yo & 3yo respectively. These pups are the king of the castle and allow us to live with them in their air conditioned and heated home. When they are not tugging, bumping into each other, chasing and bouncing around playing they are snoozing and cuddling with their humans. They have trained their humans to read their subtle body language and expressions when its time for treats.

There is no greater joy than to sit back and watch the excitement when they are playing together. Tossing toys in the air and catching, bumbling around to a battle of the tug that neither gives up. No matter how little or how much is on the ground they love the snow but the deeper the better.

What started off with one being the runt of the litter needing medical attention at 8 weeks old(Lucy) and a chance meeting in a park one Friday afternoon meeting someone who fell on hard times looking to give Little Joe, 13 weeks old, a good home turned into our great fortune. A bond that has formed that leaves an empty space whenever we are not with them. Each and every day is just as exciting as the last. A true gift, we are fortunate to have them in our lives.

February 2019


It's February time for a little kissing and a little pooching (smooching). Look at their noses they form a heart, just in time for Valentines! Make sure you rub noses with someone this month.

These two are adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Boyd (Brown/White) and AVA (Black/White) from the show Justified. They are 6 months old and cared for my Cooper, Jill & John.

January 2019


Cared for by our very own Alexander Salazar - This is Rocco, he will be 2 on June 2nd! He loves to go on hikes, play with other dogs & bark really loud. A great peoples dog that loves any sort of attention. He's helped me grow as I have for him. 
December 2018


This is fluffy! She was a owner surrender to brother wolf. They had to move to assisted living and was unable to take sweet Fluffy alone. She is thought to be around 15 years old. I ended up with her after offering to help foster her during the hurricane    just Incase    the adoption center flooded. After having her for about 5 days I couldn't take her back and decided to adopt her. Fluffy loves catnip,warm sunny windows, and her turbo track scratcher. She has become queen of the house and let's all the other pets know she's in charge.
November 2018


Hi, I am Taffy Webb, a 15 year-old Maltese/Pomeranian who lives in Weaverville and owns a 2017 Subaru Outback.... a really cool car!
As you can see, I'm really into cars. Hope you like the shot of me sitting in Alain Probst's Formula One Ferrari. I got to drive in a vintage race.
The other car photo of me driving Dad's car is a poster at the local Department of Motor Vehicles!
For many years I was a Registered Therapy Pet, visiting and comforting people at nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals.
I am retired now. I like to relax at home to the Subaru dog commercials on TV!

October 2018


Although Jaxon loved his Subaru Outback that he'd grown up taking trips and going for rides in - he longed for a bit more room.  He started texting us during the day with links to Prestige Subaru and blogs about the new Ascent.  When we saw the pictures and info on the new 7 passenger Subaru, we thought - Wow, Jaxon might be actually on to something.  We called Dereth, our sales person, (who is great by the way) and went over all that Ascent had to offer.  We ended up with an order for a new Ascent (and a very happy dog!)  We are thrilled with the new car!  It is so spacious and comfortable for long trips.  We can't even express how delighted we are with the way it looks, how it handles and all the room! When we picked up the new car everyone was so nice to Jaxon. He took quite a liking to Matt, the I.T. Director who is a great, friendly guy and a loving dog person! Thanks Prestige!
September 2018


Meet Xena: Warrior Princess. Her owner, Neal Boyce, is one of our newest salesmen here at Prestige Subaru. Xena is a 6 year old Boston terrier mix that loves to swim, chase her Fur sister, Raleigh around, and cuddle all night long.
She has lived in Western North Carolina her whole life, but has been on many road trips in her dads 2017 Subaru Outback that he bought specifically to haul her and her Doggo friends around in... 
August 2018


This is Harley. He owns Delina Hensley, one of our Internet Sales Managers, and her partner Nicole. At 17 years of age, this is a fella who has seen it all. He's been with his mom Delina through thick and thin and continues to be a steadfast pain....er...companion. He is one of the smartest cats you'll ever meet and always down for a love...on his own terms, of course.
July 2018

This dynamic duo, who are a father daughter team, own Lyn Lewis, one of our parts advisors. Vinny (right) loves to compete is agility and conformation. Frankie (left) is learning to follow in her father's pawsteps. Since Frankie comes to work everyday, she is also learn the big responsibility of being the Parts Supervisor.
June 2018

This is Toby (left) & his sidekick Benny (right). These two dogs manage the staff at RiverLink and keep everyone entertained during the day.  They most enjoy office wrestling matches, greeting folks at the door, and stealing food on the regular.  They tend to nap during important meetings, but all in all they are the best office dogs we could ask for!
May 2018

Boo is our little, Chihuahua mix, rescue, which we've had for 12 years.  We think he's around 16 years old.
He's totally deaf and can't see very well but his nose still works.  One of his favorite things to do is go on walks and find new smells.

The more old and pitiful he becomes, the more "spoiled rotten" he gets!  He likes to be hand fed his morning biscuits and right before bedtime, he gets a small bowl of shredded chicken!
Boo's BFF is a Great Pyrenees named Samson.  After they greet and touch noses, they like to see which one can raise their leg the highest!  (You can probably guess who wins that contest.)

Boo doesn't know he's getting old.  He's always happy and every day is a new adventure for him.
Boo may be Prestige Subaru's "Dog of the Month", but to us, Boo is our dog of the month all year long!

April 201

Meet Little Joe, cared for by our very own Matt Gregor. Originally he had an uncertain future with his owner falling on hard times until a chance meeting in a park at 13 weeks old turned into a wonderful addition to our home that could not be imagined without him. Now all grown up at over 1 year old he is a loving pup that has enriched the lives of both his furry & human family. Side by side with his sister pup, Lucy - a 2+yo Great Pyrenees & Lab Mix, and 3 cats he is very happy. He loves to play in the snow and to cuddle in front of the fireplace. Not sure who is luckier,  Little Joe or the family that gets to call him theirs.
March 2018

Meet Jazzper and his humans, Joe and Sue Azzolino. Jazzper is a very happy pup who loves to go on walks, swim and play with his neighborhood friend, Bella, a golden retriever who lives down the street. His all time favorite activity is to play fetch with his Dad and visit with the children in his neighborhood who absolutely adore him.

February 2018

This is Anna who was recently adopted from Charlie's Angels Animal rescue where her new parents, Keith and Jane Curry, volunteer. Anna loves playing fetch with her tennis ball, cuddling with her Mom while watching Hallmark movies and making new friends wherever she goes.

January 2018

This is Rutzer. Proud owner of our Internet Sales Manager, Delina Hensley. Rutzer's favorite games are playing with Q-Tips, batting around loose dog kibble, and watching the wildlife out on the back deck. Being the youngest member of all the fur babies, Rutzer also makes it his sole duty to antagonize all of the other members of the household. This important job is meant, not only for his furry brothers. He also makes it a point to give both his moms a bit of grief on the daily as well. However, he always makes sure to get in a good snuggle...but don't pet too long!
December 2017

Hi I'm Charlotte! I am 8 months old. I was rescued buy a awesome and loving Subaru owner from a kill shelter near Marion. Needless to say my mom adopted me from my rescuer after talking during a service appointment. I went to my new home and have lots of playmates and toys too! I love hiking with my mom and dad on the weekends! I am very rambunctious and play all day with my best buddy Piglet a min-pin mix who was also rescued by my mom. Well it's nice to meet you all and Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
November 2017

Meet Lola! Cared for by our very own Emily Paige, She is a 5 month old, pure bred Husky. Her favorite toy is her squeaky Halloween Ghost. She loves jumping and barking, but cuddles are pretty high on her list too! When you meet her, prepare for lots of puppy kisses!!
October 2017

Cared for by our very own David MacRae, Internet Sales Manager, his daughter Amithyst holding the king of snuggles, Albion Bartholomeow MacRae. These two are the very best of friends. So much so that anytime Amithyst is gone, you can always find Albion sleeping on her pillow waiting for her return!
September 2017

Meet Randy! Also known as Randall Conway Leadbetter.This cute little peanut is 16 years young and is the stepson of   Delina Hensley, a member of our Internet Sales Team. Randy enjoys long naps on the couch, and by long we mean...most of the day. He's losing some of his sight, so he also enjoys barking at the air around him when he 'senses' danger. Of course, he's only trying to protect his mama, Nicole. Nothing much else bothers this little guy except a kiss on the face. Kisses are strictly prohibited. Other than   smooches of affection   being off limits, Randy really enjoys the company of both his moms   and taking over his cat brother's couch space because with Randy, it's always good time to nap.
August 2017

This is Carson. He is a mix of a little of everything, but it doesn't matter. All those genes make for one awesome dog. Carson is 15 years young and his hobbies include sleeping, eating and chasing squirrels (when he sees them...he hates squrrels).
He has several animal siblings, Harley, the cat; Rutzer, the cat; Wonton, the cat and his elder brother, Randy, a shih Tzu. Carson is the proud owner of two pets that care for and love them very much: Delina, a member of our internet sales team, and her partner, Nicole.

July 2017

Meet Little Joe, Cared for by our very own Matt Gregor. Little Joe Came to us at 13 weeks of age, now going on 6 months, when his original owner fell on hard times and was looking for a good home. It was a chance meeting in a park one afternoon during lunch that turned into adding a loving member of our family. Little Joe has two elder pups, Lucy & Ethel, to share his new home with. They get along great and when they are not sleeping or eating they are constantly playing. Even our cats have accepted him as one of their own.
June 2017

Meet Stella! Rescued several years ago by our own Abby Reese, Stella had a rough start to life. Since adopted, she has enjoyed a life of hikes, traveling, and plenty of love. Her favorite thing to is sleep under the covers with her owner; which she does every night with her sister Bella. Even though she's almost 10 years old, Stella has the energy level of a puppy, and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon!
May 2017

Our names are Sophia and Bruce Noll and we live in North Asheville. I was joking with my husband five years ago that I was pregnant with a dog. After going thru some difficult times I felt this huge need for a dog. Border Collies had been one of my favorites so I started searching on a rescue site called Phoenix Rising Border Collie Rescue each night. Then one night around midnight I saw Kaylee, a red and white Border Collie, on their page. I immediately inquired asking if I could be the first on the list in adopting her and the next morning I received a "YES" in an email.
The adoption process began and within two weeks we were driving to Rutherfordton to meet her and her foster mom. It was love at first site! Her foster mom said that Kaylee had been found in Greensboro, NC walking along the road and then taken to a near by shelter. After no one claimed her the PRBC Rescue stepped in.
I also had the dream of having a Therapy Dog that would bring comfort to others. Before we went home that day we stopped by a pet store to get her a toy. In the isle we met a mentally challenged individual who was drawn to her instantly! His face lit up with the biggest smile as he stroked her head. And Kaylee? Well she loved it!! The whole experience brought tears to my eyes.
She is now a Registered Therapy Dog. She has worked with Paws With a Mission and been to UNCA to offer her love to the students. Wherever we are strangers with stop and say, "What a sweet spirit that dog has!" She just wags her tail and smiles. She knows no stranger and loves people and we of course love her to the moon and back.

Her favorite activity is going for rides in her Subaru Outback! All she needs to hear is, "Do you want to go bye bye?"

April 2017

This is Tucker! Tucker is a rescue pup from Last Chance Rescue in Waldorf, MD. He traveled pretty far to find his forever family, as he was originally found in Mississippi. The first time Tucker and I saw each other, it was love at first sight! We had an instant connection and have been inseparable ever since! Tucker is about 10 months old and loves tennis balls (even though he loses most of them under the couch), squeaky toys, peanut butter, honey ham, his puppy friends, and his family. He is a happy boy who loves running around with other puppies and playing all day. But, he's also just as happy curling up on the couch with his family and watching a movie. Tucker is a great pup and we are so lucky that he found us!
March 2017

Cared by our very own Natalie Little, this is Murphy - a 16 month old boxer. He's my sidekick, goes everywhere that I do. He loves hiking and running through Asheville and Pisgah and enjoys the craft beer scene as well. You can even find him sitting on a barstool like a human.

February 2017

This is Libby, born 11/8/16. She is an apricot goldendoodle. She loves spending her days chasing her doggie brother, tormenting her oldest doggie sister, and wrestling her kitten sisters. She is a hoot to watch playing with her humans and loves chewing shoes and Legos. She doesn't quite know what to do with our chickens, but she is trying to figure them out. She is such an intelligent, sweet, and loving girl.
January 2017

Dallas, Welcome to Subieville!

    Dallas, TX, 2016 - 

    Dallas the dog carries with him the name of his hometown of Dallas TX, after having recently stole the heart of Prestige Subaru's Tony Pelle and relocated to Asheville, NC.

    Their concrete connection was made on a typical day at a Subaru dealer conference, complete with a full share of meetings, presentations, showcases, slideshows, small talk, and of course, dogs. The presence of a local Dallas, TX animal shelter, Operation Kindness, afforded Tony and Dallas (then unnamed puppy) the mere moment of face-time needed to forge a lifelong connection... It was instant. It was permanent. It was fate. Some say time slowed, others in the area reported sounds of a stringed ensemble softly accompanying the moment... we can't be too sure on this... however, what we do know, is that it was a moment meant to be. Dallas was adopted on the spot at the ripe age of 10 weeks old.

    Having had flown to Dallas TX for the conference, which was still underway, Tony made quick arrangements for a Dallas (puppy) pickup the following day via Subaru from Subieville. The plans were soon set for the two to rendezvous back in Asheville, NC no later than need be. >>>FWD>>> 1 Outback, 2 days, and 1,930 miles later, Dallas had made it back to Tony's arms, back where he will be, and be found, for many years to come. Welcome to Subieville Dallas!

December 2016

December pet of the month is Deborah Caughron and Michael Follo, with Huck & Scout. Check out our next pet of the month submission. Photos & story courtesy of Deborah Caughron and Michael Follo, with Huck & Scout. A really cool setup for the pups to travel with them in luxury.

Michael Follo and Deb Caughron live in Bat Cave with their two dogs, Huck and Scout. Michael and Deb are both recently retired educators. Deb worked for over 30 years with Outward Bound and Michael was a college professor and high school teacher before spending the last 6 years as Director of Education at the North Carolina Outward Bound School.

Deb and Michael have always loved traveling with their dogs and, now that they are retired, they are thrilled to have more time for adventures, both near and far. They recently returned from a 5-week western road trip with Huck and Scout in their Subaru Outback outfitted with a custom back-seat dog bed that was the envy of every dog they met!  Michael and Debs new 2017 Outback is their fourth Subaru. They are especially excited about the new EyeSight technology that makes road trips even safer for them and their pups.

November 2016

Cared for by our very own Theresa Carterett, here is Snowball, a 16 year old domestic short-hair. Snowball was inherited from her brother-in law when he moved and could not keep her in 2006. She will sit for kitty treats, she is a lap kitty loving all the attention she can get.
October 2016

This is "Ru" (short for Subaru). Owned and loved by Lyn Lewis. She is now 5mos old. True to the Tortie mentality, she is full of mischief and non stop antics. She is always into something. We often wonder how one kitten could be so sweet and yet so naughty. Her mother was a stray, that wandered up to Tearesa Cartrett's house this past winter. Tearesa took her in and is now an member of her family.Tearesa, also works at Prestige Subaru. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
September 2016

Here we have Colt, 1 of 4 Border Collies owned and loved by our very own Lyn Lewis. Since coming to work everyday since he was 8 weeks old, Colt has become the Parts Supervisor. Colt is a breed Champion and a true ambassador to the breed.
August 2016

Winston the Sheepdog is our August Pet of the Month and a new customer at Prestige Subaru. He convinced his parents, Lori and Tim, to bring their car in for service and to allow him to eat lots of treats, be royally spoiled by our staff, and try out the kayaks on display.
He is turning four years old this month and lives in Asheville. In his "spare" time (outside of eating, sleeping, and walking his owner, that is) he and Lori are a Pet Therapy team and volunteer at Mission Hospital's Rathbun House and at UNCA. He loves to meet new people and his favorite treat is carrots. Lori picked him out of the breeder's litter at 8 weeks old and he has been her furry child ever since. He is looking forward to his next visit at Prestige and is hoping the car needs service soon.
June/July 2016

Meet Patches Cat, cared for by our very own Matt Gregor. Patches, and 2 other litter mates, were found trying to survive out of a dumpster at about 6 weeks of age. Brought home and nursed to health they have become a seemless part of the family.

Patches is now over 7 years old, sharing the space with her large furry protectors and two other cats. She is a gentle & timid cat that has the faintest meow that can only be heard when all is quiet.

May 2016

Cared for by our very own Sales Specialist, James Ross - Meet Beau, a 3 year old rescue from a shelter in San Clemente, California.    Beau is half Rhodesian, Ridgeback, half Whippet, and half Rocket ship!

This is a rare photo of Beau actually sitting still.

April 2016

Pictured is Ozzy, cared for by Mike & Becky. He is a 3 month old Cotton Da Tulear rescue from out of State.

Ozzy has a playful personality, loving anything that squeaks. He is very energetic and gets into mischief when not watched closely. He has two siblings, Ruger & Frye that are all close.

He enjoys boating, being on the water is a great thrill. He also loves feeding time. As seen in the photo, as soon as he is finished a nap is needed, even where he eats.

March 2016

Meet Little Lucy, a Great Pyrenees & Black Lab mix (white & black color), cared for by our very own Matt Gregor. Lucy was the runt of the litter and the last one that nobody seemed to want. She was 7 weeks old when we began caring for her requiring medical care. Now at 14 weeks, she is all better and growing exponentially.

Little Lucy is helping fill the hole in the hearts of her sister pup Ethel and her Human family. Recently Ethel lost her twin brother, Fred, unexpectedly due to cancer. They both were 8.75 years old and have never been apart overnight since 7 weeks of age.

Little Lucy has helped to re-kindle the spark in Ethel's life bringing out puppy qualities in her older larger sister. Lucy plays with all her heart and doesn't realize she isn't the size of her big sister - yet. She loves to play with the cat as well, one of the 3 cats enjoy playing with her too.

A very sweet puppy that has helped mend the hearts of everyone around her, we are fortunate to have her in our lives.

February 2016

Ben is the pride and joy of Paul and Cindy Bennett of Franklin NC. He is a four year old Scottie with a big personality and a curiosity to match. He started out his journey on a farm in Uxbridge Mass. and came to live with us in Connecticut. He smiles for cheese, and understands the word "handsome". If you meet him you will love him. He insists on it.

The family needed a change and in 2013 we moved to Franklin NC and we couldn't be happier. Long adventurous hikes and meeting barnyard animals is our favorite pass time. Going for rides in my new Forrester is his next favorite thing!. Our trips to Prestige are so pleasant and the staff welcomes him with lots of treats and attention. Life is very good for a Scottie living in the mountains!

January 2016

Meet "Bailey" Sullivan. Bailey belongs to Ed and Arlene Sullivan, owners of Asheville Signarama. Bailey was rescued from the side of the road, along with 4 of her siblings, at only 6 weeks old by their daughter, who was attending Lees-McRae College. Bailey is now 4 years old. She sleeps in her crate every night, without being told, she loves to snuggle under the covers in the morning and playing with her toys (especially the squeaky ones!) She loves her treats, going on walks and looking after Ed and Arlene.​
December 2015

Cared for by our very own Dereth Wilson, Internet Sales Manager -  Scout is a pit mix that just turned four years old on October 26th. She loves treats, snuggling and chasing squirrels. Her favorite past times are staring pensively out the window, napping, begging for treats and going for walks with her mom.
November 2015

Cared for by our very own Jim Aldridge, Service Advisor, who said cats and dogs can't get along? Here is Lucy the Shih Tzu and Lola the cat. They are both 4 years old. They are twins, not identical. They play together like children. Lola lets Lucy drag her across the floor by her ears. They are both rescues. They make us laugh and we love them.

October 2015

Cared for by Prestige Clients Bill & Martha - Buster Brown, an 8yo Chocolate lab, has a truly excellent home & gives back even more.

Buster Brown is a registered therapy dog with a soft, warm touch that runs from his paws to a human's heart. His handler, Martha Server, witnesses it every week. She herself fell victim to it.

"I was teaching a fitness class at a gym near Fort Bragg and saw a picture of a cute puppy on the door and said that I wanted the dog," Server said. "I fell in love with a lovable puppy with blue eyes."

The puppy became a nationally certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International when he was 20 months old. Now a handsome 8-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, Buster Brown started training when he was only a few  weeks old and continued to train intensely during the 12 months prior to certification.

"We purchased Buster Brown as a gift for a fallen military hero's family, but they couldn't take him at the time because of living circumstances. And after he lived with us, we weren't willing to let him go," Server said. "The family is still thrilled that his life has been devoted to serving veterans and children."

Every week for the past five years, Buster Brown, with Server in tow, visits the Community Living Center at the VA Medical Center in Asheville. The veterans at the center need care ranging from short-term rehabilitation to nursing and hospice care. Buster doesn't care what illnesses they suffer; he loves them unconditionally and accepts them as they are, expecting nothing more. He doesn't care if the veteran has lost hair to chemotherapy or his speech to a stroke. Buster Brown creates a unique bond with the patients that has a healing dimension.

And as a reward for his visits, Buster Brown gets a lot of love.

"Many of the veterans confined to wheelchairs push themselves to the canteen located in the basement of the hospital to purchase treats for him," Server said. "I always have treats to share with the veterans, but many insist on having their own goodies to give him. Buster Brown doesn't shy away from those who are about to pass (away). He may be the only therapy dog that has ever been allowed into the ICU (intensive care) unit at the VA hospital.

"At the request of patient Mike Poole, a Vietnam vet who was known as the unofficial mayor of the Black Mountain Dog Park, a nurse granted Buster Brown permission to visit him," Server said.

"Immediately Buster jumped up beside Mike to provide him with healing comfort. He barked once, and that alerted other patients that he was there, and they requested a visit. He provided comfort to family members and staff. Poole died on Valentine's Day in 2013 with Buster never missing an opportunity to visit with him weekly."

One special visit was with a marine who was suffering terminal brain cancer. Buster Brown jumped in bed with the marine and had a long visit. The next week when Buster returned, the marine had passed. Buster Brown attends some of the memorial services.

"It was sad but rewarding that Buster was the last dog the marine knew on this earth," Server said. "I think he knows how sick some of them are. Many of the patients at the VA hospital have no family members locally, and others have few visitors, making Buster's visits even more important."

Buster Brown also provides therapy for children at Black Mountain Primary and ArtSpace charter schools. He is especially fond of the reading programs.

"Students spend a lot of time reading to him and sharing their problems and feelings with him," Server said. "One young man said that his father had been taken to prison on the day Buster was visiting. The little boy always looked forward to hugging him and getting wet kisses in return. At the schools, Buster has a small rug that he sits on the entire time while the children read to him, which has lasted up to three hours. He has visited many different schools and has an active relationship with Black Mountain Primary and ArtSpace Charter School."

One student wrote, "Thank you for visiting us. Thank you Buster Brown for listening when we read. When you are not here, I imagine that I am reading to you."

Buster Brown also participated in developing the pilot program for veterans at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College.

"One of Buster's most moving moments came during a visit to St. Joseph of the Pines Rehabilitation Center in Southern Pines," Server said. "This was the site of Buster's first therapy job. He approached a non-responsive woman in a wheelchair who had been in a coma for some time and no one had been able to reach her, not even the director's dog.

"Buster began to lick both of her cheeks, and she slowly smiled and opened her eyes for the first time since she had gone into a coma. People in the large rehabilitation room, including staff patients and family members, began clapping with tears in their eyes. During future visits, the woman's son and family members always approached Buster Brown and thanked him again for what they considered his miracle therapy."

Buster Brown became well-known at the dog park in Black Mountain and made friends with many of the homeless people who find shelter at First Baptist Church of Black Mountain in the winter. The dog is the international ambassador to the Montreat College men's soccer team and attends the games. The majority of the men playing on the team are from countries outside the U.S. and have never had a personal relationship with a dog. Buster Brown has participated in several Blessing of the Animals ceremonies ate various area churches as well as prayer walks at the Community of the Cross retreat center in Black Mountain.

Buster Brown has also been nominated by the Black Mountain Kiwanis Club twice as Volunteer of the Year.

"It gives me chills - good ones - to think of all the ways God has used Buster Brown," Server said. "Where he goes in the community, he reaches out to those who are experiencing personal problems such as illness, post-surgery, divorce and grief. Wherever my husband Bill and I go, Buster Brown goes. At home he is like all other dogs; he is our therapy dog, making us happy. If God can use a dog like Buster Brown, he can use any of us to love and serve our community."


September 2015

Cared for by our very own Jenn Nance, Sales Specialist, these furry companions are lucky to have such a great home. The top photo is our Mona Mae. We call her our Blonde Baby. Out of our 3, Mona is our most skittish however, our snuggliest kitty. Mona came to our family while on a search for a friend for our Pico (the giant orange cat below). She was adopted about 2 years ago from the Humane Society, now happily residing in our home receiving lots of love from our 3 kiddos.

The lower left photo is Pico de Gallo. We call him many things but frequently just Pico. I have had Pico since he was a little bitty kitten. While on the search for a female cat about 2 years of age, this fluffer stole my heart with his loud purr and yearning for lovin' all the time. He's our most ornery of the bunch, often tripping us and causing chaos however, we love him dearly. I like to tell Pico that he is my best friend.

Lastly, lower right photo, we have Normyn. Normy is our stealth cat, always on the prowl and constantly begging to spend time outdoors. He's kind of the "cool kid" in the house, seldom speaking but loves to sneak a snuggle.

August 2015

Here we have Tucker, at 1 1/2 years old, cared for by our very own Jason Wicks. We adopted Tucker in January 2014, after my kids saw him in the Humane Society adoption day. He has since taken over ownership of all sofas and beds in the house. He loves the garden for watching birds. Tucker likes a good belly scratch and believe it or not, a daily play wrestle match with a 60lb lab named Olive. He also likes to nibble toes when his owners are watching TV. We are blessed to have him as part of our family.

July 2015

Here we have Champ, cared for by our very own Scott Wilbanks. He was a rescue from Animal Compassion Network which is now Asheville Humane Society. He is a jet black Newfoundland mixed with Wired Hair Retriever. We had a pet adoption here at Prestige on a Saturday before Christmas 2012. He all but stole the show with his full of life & energetic personality. There was discussion about what to do with Champ amongst ACN staff that I overheard. The foster family that had Champ were going out of town, hmmm.... this was an opportunity as long as he was house broken! He can stay with us for the weekend. When I called to tell my family the good news that we are fostering him for the weekend, the normal 10 minute commute to the dealership was a quick 5 minutes. That evening when I got home there were all these new dog toys everywhere. The weekend quickly passed and everyone was pitching in taking Champ on walks, etc. Monday morning as I was taking the girls to school & putting Champ in the car I looked up - in the window I could see my wife w/ tears in her eyes in addition to the girls not wanting to see him go.

We surprised the kids for Christmas. We had a new member to the family and all of us were so excited! We have defiantly had some training to do with him, including a dog whisperer. He is a hunter, gatherer, with a little alpha built-in. We have no problems with moles, possums, squirrels, etc on our property. He thinks that when family and friends come over they are there to see him! He enjoys outside, running & riding in the car. At the beach he chases the birds and you never see him run so fast but the birds always get away. He enjoys the water anytime of the year but is hesitant to go swimming. He turned 4 in April, with a birthday celebration getting doggie ice cream. He is one of a kind & we love having him as part of our family!!

June 2015

Here is P.G. - a 12 month old Pitbull, cared for by our very own Maurice Austin.  P.G is his name & LOVE is his thang. P.G is a 12 month old Pitbull that loves his kids. He is super playful, outgoing, and wild as a buck. He is a big old BABY that loves to be treated like one. Also P.G is a 007 agent being that he and the kids work together....

He is sneaky & we feel he is my kids secret weapon when they have to eat all there food. Somehow it all just disappears and my boy P.G turns into a magician then vanishes. I love that dog, a great dog that takes care of us as much as we take care of him.

May 2015

Cared for by our very own Gus Dotsikas & his wife Susan - here are their children with fur.

Suzette (left) is a female standard Poodle along with Samson (right) who is a miniature Poodle. Both dogs are a blessing for them. They both are very friendly and love to be petted. Suzette & Samson have Gus & Susan well trained in the area of giving them snacks and buying them toys.

April 2015

Meet Rusko Riffe - Cared for by our very own Griffin Riffe. This sweet boy was adopted just a few weeks ago from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and quickly found a place in our hearts (and on our couch). Rusko is a 3month old PitBull/Border Collie with a Big personality and an even bigger heart. Rusko loves play with his friends Leia & Hendrix,  go on adventures to the park, and get spoiled by his mom & dad. He also loves to come see his daddy at work and get treats from all the nice people at Prestige Subaru. You'd be hard-pressed to find a puppy as sweet as this little baby.

March 2015

Here we have King Louis,  Stretchy Louis, or Zoom Louis as he is called depending on his mood. Cared for by our very own Matt Gregor, Louis was 1 year old when he came to us. He is now two and a half years old, a tabby mix of some sort with huge paws n claws that came to us abandoned in the woods seeking out shelter.

He is a remarkably effective hunter yet inquisitive, gentle, affectionate and playful all while getting along with his brother/sister-pup Fred & Ethel.  He made himself right at home like he owns the place and the two pups have accepted him as one of their own. Often times he is found sleeping on or under one of his giant furry protectors. He also has two older cats to share the space with but they prefer to keep a slight distance when he wants to play.

A kind and gentle cat, that nobody else wanted, that we are fortunate to have in our lives.

February 2015


This is TaTonka, cared for by our very own John Troxler. He is an English Chocolate Labrador given to my wife Christie and I by her folks in Jersey several years ago. He was around 2 years old at that time and over the past 10 years has become the most awesome canine companion anyone could ever hope to have. Straight up and across the board!

'Tonka' has survived two other pooches we had and is still going strong hanging with our son's two year old pupdog 'Batman'. As strong as he is though, he has of late resorted to sunbathing as a favorite activity -or lack thereof. But I can't say that I blame him. There is a warm, seasoned, 'old-dog' contentment that radiates from that rich, bronze coat of his when he's soakin' up those rays, that I can't help but envy; the contentment more than the fur.

But you know, it's been said that "there are some simple truths, and dogs know what they are." Looking at 'Tonka' laying there in the sun, eyes closed, feet twitching, I don't doubt that for a second. Thanks Tonk, for a lifetime of friendship that wanes not.

January 2015

This is Cat, a 13 year old Hanoverian horse cared for my our very own Ryan Brown - Business Manager. His wife Alex rides dressage and the following is a writing by their daughter - Zoe Brown.

The first time I saw her, I gaze in her kind, dark eyes. Her coat shines her dark color. Her soft breath, calm and steady brushes up against my face. Cat is her name. I turn to see her rider walking up to Cat. They gaze at each other, reading each others body language - they can read each others minds. In one swift move the rider climbs on top of her back. Together they are picture perfect. I follow my mom and Cat, I watch them enter the arena. They ride around the outside of the dressage arena. They ride perfectly together. My mom, strong and confident, looking like the queen of England. Cat listens carefully to mom, making smooth and elegant moves. Cat has fire in her eyes and thunder in her hooves.

The bell rings and they enter the dressage arena. They start their dance, mom confidentially leads Cat thru every step of their dance and Cat follows every silent cue. They move in a blur, they are ghosts in the arena dancing their hearts out. They float across the ground it seems like Cat has grown wings. My mom seems the happiest on Cat's strong, powerful back. Mom can feel every muscle and every breath taken, she can even read Cat's mind. Their dance ends and they leave the arena. Mom jumps off her back and gazes into her eyes for a few seconds then goes back to work again.

November/December 2014

This is Nellie (Left) & Nick (center). They belong to Phil Casselano a Sales Associate at Prestige Subaru.

Nick is a Plott hound, Plott hounds are the official North Carolina state dog. Nellie is a Redbone Coon hound. They are both lucky rescue dogs. Nick is five years old and Nellie is two. They live on and patrol a hillside in Haywood county. Quite often  they can be found chasing deer, squirrels and anything that runs or flies. They most enjoy going for a ride in Phil's Forester.
October 2014

Leia (aka Princess Leia aka Wiggles), cared for by Sales Specialist - Eddie Ramp, was adopted from the Asheville Humane Society about 4 months ago.  She is a 45 lb mix of King Charles Spaniel and Sharpe,  but has the heart of a lap dog.  She enjoys chewing pig ears, wrestling with her owners and sniffing all the smells North Carolina has to offer. 

When she's not at home protecting our small children, you can find her exploring the mountains of Asheville, playing at one of the Asheville dog parks or walking around Prestige Subaru.

September 2014

Photos courtesy of Elke & Ted from Wellspring Farm; Llama babies Gannon, the white one was born on August 16. In the top photo Gannon's mom, Fanny is busy eating hay while two of his "aunts" Nadia and Cheyenne are looking into the barn.

In the other photos are both babies. Gannon the white one and the dark one is Margarita (Margie for short). Margarita was born on August 6. The brown Llama in the background is Tequila, Margie's mom.

Also of special note is their 2001 Subaru Outback with over 285,000 miles showcasing their signature plate - LLAMA 1.

Wellspring Farm is a fiber animal farm raising Llama, Alpaca and Sheep for their fiber. There are more photos and stories of the animals on the Wellspring Farm Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wellspring-Farm/205650092842203

August 2014

Bowie joined the Prestige Family in March of this year.  He was a rescue from our friends at Brother Wolf and was adopted by our Parts Counter Specialist Jamey Burgess, his wife April and their son Kolin.  

He catches everyone off guard with with hetrochromia, but trust us, this Boxer mix is a big lover.  He enjoys snuggling, any time any where, as well as chasing bees, rolling in dirt, and the local beer scene (he's a regular at Twin Leaf.)
Visit him, or any of the other "parts dogs"  (Bowie, Bo, Barley, Colt, and Mimi) in the Parts Department, Monday thru Friday 8-530, and Saturdays 8-1.

And don't forgot to donate to your local shelter or rescue organization!

July 2014

Photo courtesy of Diane, a Prestige Client, with a 2014 XV Crosstrek showing her two adorable pups. Laci is the yellow lab and she is 6 years old and she is such a love. She loves to retrieve tennis balls and swim. The little one is Brandy she is part cocker schnauzer and she is 17 years old and loves to play Frisbee. They both love to ride in the Subaru.

June 2014

Meet Samantha (Sammy as she is known at Prestige.) This adorable little dachshund mix was a rescue. She is frequently at Prestige visiting with her family and her big soulful eyes assure that she gets plenty of treats when she turns on the "sad face." Sammy has the typical "wiener dog" bursts of energy and personality but then loves to curl up on her mom's desk for a long nap afterwards. The Prestige family loves this little girl!
May 2014

This is the trio from our very own Kim Harper. Left is Cali the queen of her collection, center is Annabel Hollingsworth aka Lumpkins she is her princess kitty and right is Spookyboo the baby of her clan.  They were are all rescues and clearly have a great home.

April 2014

Piglet (left) was a rescue I (Ember Latrella - Internet Sales Manager)  just happened to come across on Facebook 2 years ago. I'm sure you can see where the name Piglet came from with those huge ears and her curly tail.  She was in a high kill shelter in Alabama. She had been pickup from a vacant lot where she traveled back and forth through for weeks, and once in the shelter had a kill date that was coming up in a few days.   I had commented on how cute she was and that I would love to have her but had no way of picking her up.  A few really nice people the lived close by the shelter in Alabama saw my comment and offered to pick her up from the shelter and " puppy train " her to me in Atlanta.  So off we went , my mother my son and I  she was as sweet as could be she slept on  my moms lap all the way back to Asheville. Once we got her home and settled I took her to the vet for a check up , come to find out she had heartworms.  So we started treatment over a course of 2 months and had her re-tested 6 months later and she is now heartworm free.  She loves to cuddle,  sit on your lap, give kisses and sleep under the blankets in the bed with you.  She is one of the best dogs we have owned and I'm so happy that she found us !

Murphy (right) had also been a stray that one of my bosses had found behind his restaurant in Fairview.  Since she looked part beagle he assumed he could use her to hunt. Turns out she wasn't a very good hunting dog.  So he put her in a dog kennel with his other hunting beagles, One afternoon I had went up there to feed them since he was out of town, and that was when I saw Murphy ! She was so sweet, tail wagging so fast you would almost think she could fly away with it ! I had asked my boss as soon as I seen him if he would let me have her , of course he agreed he said she wasn't much of a hunting dog any way.  She had become my best friend.  She went hiking with me almost every day before work and would kiss my bye every time I had to leave her.  She just fit right in with us.  I named her after Murphy NC , which had been one of my favorite places to take a long weekend to and go four-wheeling and camping.  I have had her for about 9 years now and she has made everyday a little happier with her presence !

March 2014

Here is Olive Wicks, cared for by our very own Internet Sales Manager Jason Wicks, a 2 year old Yellow Lab that loves to pose for pictures. Her favorite thing is rough housing with the 4 month old kitten and playing fetch with her Frisbee. She loves to run in her acre of fenced yard
February 2014

This is Bosco (left) our 8 year old Shih Tzu belonging to Joe & Dianne Tate. Joe is the Internet Sales Director here at Prestige Subaru. Bosco is just like he looks, he's curious, loves everybody and makes everybody feel loved. He is named after his silky black fur that looks like a deep chocolate color. He is our 2nd Shih Tzu, the first one (Nikki) was a gift for Dianne from Joe.

We were lucky to have Nikki for over 15 years and she wanted little to do with Dianne. Dianne got Bosco for Joe and now Bosco has very little to do with Joe & spends all his time with Dianne.

Bosco has a sweet nature and knows how to make anyone feel loved. We are very blessed to have Bosco and his BIG sister Gracie (right).


January 2014

Prestige Subaru is VERY pet friendly. Animals of all shapes & sizes even know it. Pictured is a local Black Bear named ' Nigel '  that comes to visit the dealership for great service.

December 2013


Meet Blitz (left), Rocco (center) & Diezel (right). Diezel, an 11 year old Lab truly lives the life of a dog spending most of his time laid out in the sun or in the cold winter months by the fireside. Rocco, a 7 year old Lab mix, boasts a strong, yet loving personality keeping a constant eye on his family and their surroundings, and is always up for an adventure. Blitz, 8 months old, is the newest member of the Pelle pack, and despite his youth his even-keel temperament and attentive nature are unrivaled. Already a fantastic companion, the sky is the limit for this keen and loyal pup

November 2013


Fred (left) & Ethel (right) - Two mixed breed Colley-Shepherds, cared for by our very own Matt Gregor, that were found abandoned on the road at 7 weeks old. They have been a part of our daily lives ever since. They are like surrogate parents to 3 cats and are truly gentle giants. At 6 1/2 years old in the photo, now going on 8 years they have never been apart since they were found.