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  • Scott Rossi
    General Manager

    Scott A. Rossi is General Manager of AAG's Prestige Subaru in Asheville, NC. Previously Rossi was the General Manager at our Toyota dealership in Columbia, South Carolina.

    Rossi joined Anderson Automotive Group, after serving as chief operating officer of the Carland Automotive Group, where he was responsible for overseeing four automotive facilities and service centers. Prior to this, he gained dealer experience through General Manager roles at automotive retail centers including Hendrick, Penske and the Van Tuyl Automotive Groups. Rossi also co-founded Topline Motors Ltd., an automotive wholesale company .He began his career as a Sales Associate in the '80s in Albany, New York.

    Rossi has received various accolades for his managerial expertise, including the Nissan Center of Excellence award and the Honda President's Award. He was awarded the Chevrolet Mark of Excellence award three years in a row and was a member of the Toyota Board of Governors. He also is a graduate of NADA's Dealer Academy.

    Rossi attended The State University of New York at Oswego where he studied communications/broadcasting.

    He enjoys sporting events, boating and is a serial concert go'er

    He is married to his college sweetheart Carol, have a daughter Bella that's attending Tulane University and a Portuguese Water Dog named Calypso.

  • Dominque Delia
    Sales Specialist

  • Chris Lewallen
    Sales Specialist

  • Adam Stashick
    F & I

  • Tim Pilipovic
    Used Car Director

  • David Hensley
    Sales Associate

  • Anita Hampton

  • Austin Root
    Sales Associate

  • Heath McPherson
    General Sales Manager

  • Trenton Davis
    Sales Specialist

  • Philip Minton
    Acquisitions Coordinator

  • Ryan Brown
    New Car Director

  • Jason Taylor
    Service Director

  • Thomas ' Doc ' Way
    Parts Manager

  • Melissa Bell
    Sales Manager

    An Asheville native, I enjoy all that being in Asheville has to offer from the food and music scene to hiking and mountain biking. I spend my "off time" with my daughter and our fur babies, Zeus (a Lhasa Apso) and Tubby (an orange tabby).

    Being a long time Subaru owner myself, I was excited to join the Prestige Subaru team and help others find the perfect vehicle that fits all their needs and lifestyle! With over 20 years experience in the automotive business, I strive to put my experience to work for you. Whether this is your first time buying a vehicle or your hundredth, I believe that every customer deserves a level of customer service and professionalism that will make their next purchase a pleasant one."

  • Darryl Blizzard
    Sales Specialist
    828-818-1252 or 828-989-2313 cell

    Hello everyone! I'm Darryl, my wife Neina & I along with our Little Pooch (Sophie) just moved from Florida to call Asheville our home. We've been visiting family here for years and fell in love with the area.

    I'm very fortunate to be a part of Prestige Subaru as they are an outstanding Family-based group of people. It's a privilege to help you with your needs. My goal is only the highest level of customer satisfaction. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

  • Steve Bryson
    Sales Specialist/Outside Events

    I have lived in the Asheville area all my life. I worked as a Automotive Technician for 20 years. I also had a towing company for over 15 years and during that time, I only had to tow in three Subaru's.... so now you know why I love the product.

    I enjoy traveling, time at the Beach, Snorkeling and spending time Outdoors!

  • Buck Davis
    Sales Manager

    Buck Davis has been with the Prestige family for over 20 years. He is well known for making lasting relationships with his customers as he is easy to work with, efficient, and accessible.

    Buck is a Western North Carolina Native. He grew up in a small town in the country just a few miles away from Asheville. He has 8 siblings with plenty of great stories to tell.

    Buck is passionate about his job and his customers.

    When he is not working, he enjoys hiking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, yard work, and being with his son, Trenton.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick
    Sales Specialist

    A native of Long Island, I moved to Asheville in 2005 along with my wife Melissa. A year later we found our home in Hendersonville as well as the first new addition to our family. An abandoned Shitzu mix we found on the side of the road during a snow storm shortly before Christmas. We named him Oliver. A few years later, a trio of feral kittens found our home. It took a long time to gain their trust, but now they are the most loving house cats. 

    I have always worked in customer care. I began working the counter at my father's deli when I was 12. As a young adult, I was fortunate to join Home Depot as they were growing. I never expected to still be with them over twenty years later. Over those years, my role changed, and customer contact was no longer my primary focus. I really missed the one on one personal care, which prompted my career change. I was most recently representing Ford, but leapt at the opportunity to join the Prestige Subaru family.

    It is truly an honor to be a representative for a company known not just for the excellence of its product, but also for its commitment to its customers.

  • Josiah Gonzalez
    Sales Specialist

    To whoever may find their way to this bio, you are reading about a very passionate car enthusiast who's main aspiration is to rise in this industry for the love of both automotive culture and the well being of their community! My name is Josiah, I am now 20 years old but have been working in or around dealerships since I was 17! My journey into this field began at a very young age with a passion for cars.... Sports cars, usually. I was obsessed with the idea of exotic cars such as the McLaren F-1 and the Lamborghini Murcialago but as time went on and as I matured over the years, that translated into an appreciation for all cars, regardless of top speed. At first, the idea was to apply my automotive prowess in the engineering field but it only took a couple semesters of college before I realized that I wanted to go bigger than that - I wanted my own dealership. So what did I do and what was my plan to achieve this? I dropped out and started working for a used car dealership and have since moved to Prestige as a salesperson working diligently to provide A-1 customer service to new and experienced car buyers alike. Look no further if you're looking to work with someone who's in this thing for the greater good of the customer and who's in it for the long haul. 

  • Justin Harrison
    Internet Sales Manager

    I am a North Carolina native, originally from the Charlotte area. I have lived in Asheville for over a decade. I love the mountains of WNC and know nowhere else I could call home! My wife, Lindsay, and I have a beautiful daughter. She loves dancing, music, and dogs. And we hope to get her a dog very soon!

    I enjoy getting outside as often as I can, whether it's in my backyard or exploring the Appalachian Mountains. I also love checking out Asheville's thriving music scene. My first passion in life is music and I enjoy a variety of genres. I have played guitar for most of my life, and have been teaching myself to play piano over the past few years. If we happen to meet, I'm always ready to chat about your favorite artists!

    Feel free to shoot me an email or give me call, so I can help with your next car today!

  • Anna Kendall
    Sales Specialist

    Hi Friends! My name is Anna and here is a bit about myself. I moved to the Asheville area when I was nine and have been hiking the trails ever since. I love being outdoors doing just about anything, but if there is a waterfall it's better! I am energetic and outgoing, I love my job as a sales consultant here at Prestige getting to know all different types of people, and I actually bought my first car from Prestige years ago! I have always loved Subaru's so joining the team here is a thrill.

    I have a wonderful husband and two children as well as three dogs and a cat. I thoroughly enjoy life and would love to help you find the vehicle that best suits your needs! 

  • Ember Latrella
    Technology Specialist

    Hi I'm Ember ! I am an outgoing person that loves to meet new people. I am easy to talk to and enjoy making new friends. I support and help out with animal adoptions and donate to brother wolf animal rescue regularly. I love doing anything outdoors and protecting our environment.

    Since Prestige Subaru supports and believes in helping out our local animal shelters, meals on wheels, local groups such as river link that help protect our environment I can say I am proud to be part of such a amazing team .

    I like to hike and fish in my spare time and enjoy spending time with my family.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you choose a vehicle that supports you in all your adventures !

  • Anthony Pelle
    Marketing Director

  • Kim Richardson
    Business Manager
    828-785-4301 or cell 870-404-9662

    Hi there! I'm Kim Richardson. I look forward to learning about you and your vehicle needs and helping you find a vehicle you'll love. My focus is giving you an outstanding purchase and ownership experience.

    I've driven my 2005 Forester over 163,000 miles and it has comfortably and reliably delivered me through snow, ice, rain, and mud. I love my "Rooster." My four-legged friends appreciate the rear seats folded down so they have prime sniffing position from the windows. I appreciate the moon roof everyday and the heated seats on chilly occasions.

    I traveled many of those miles touring as a professional singer/ songwriter. I've released three cds and am always working on new tunes. I love getting outdoors and exploring trails & waterways. Whether on foot, two wheels, or by kayak, nothing beats getting my toes in the grass (or water) and the sky in my lungs.

    Being a Prestige Sales Consultant affords me the opportunity to be of
    service to you, helping you find the right vehicle for your needs; one
    you'll be proud to own and excited to drive. Come say hello, let's talk
    about what brings you joy, and find the vehicle that fits your life.

  • Jeffrey Rutledge
    Sales Specialist

    My name is Jeffrey but I also go by Jeff. I grew up in the wonderful state of Oklahoma where it was more common to see a horse standing next to you at a red light that a Subaru Outback. In 2012 I moved with my family to Asheville and left the tornados and dust storms in my rear view mirror. Thankfully Asheville has no lack of interesting people and culture, especially when visiting the drum circle on Friday night. 

    I enjoy the outdoors, especially camping and fishing, after all, I did grow up watching Man vs Wild on the discovery channel so that basically means I'm a survivalist professional. I do most of my outdoor adventures at Lake Fontana and the weekends I'm not out there, I'm walking around downtown Asheville, sampling the food and drinks. 

    The Subaru life is new to me, but has already been a blast being involved with. I can't wait to answer any questions you may have or go on a few test drives.

  • Jason Wicks
    Internet Sales Manager/Digital Marketing
    828-738-1593 or 828-280-1270

    My name is Jason Wicks. I thought I would tell you a little bit about me, why I love what I do, and some of the things that make me passionate about life and Western NC. Before joining Prestige in October 2013, I worked in the newspaper industry for 15 years. My love of Subaru started in 1990 with my first car, a 1982 Subaru GL. Since that time, I have owned a total of 8 Subarus, including a 1998 Outback with over 248,000 miles. Four of these vehicles were purchased from Prestige. As you can see, the Subaru brand has been much more than a car for me, it's been a friend and part of the family.

    I am married to Lisa and we have 2 girls, Greta and Afton our sweet dog Olive (Yellow Lab) and Tucker the orange tabby cat. After growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I moved to Western NC in 1992 and fell in love with all the mountains can offer and have been here ever since. I enjoy mountain biking, trail running, camping with my family and I recently finished my 6th half-marathon.

    Thank you for learning a bit about me and I look forward to meeting you! 

  • Amanda Blankenship
    Service Advisor

  • Gus Dotsikas
    Customer Relations Manager

  • Delina Hensley
    F&I Admin

    Greetings and a big "Hello!" the 'Paris of the South'!

    I've lived here in Asheville since 2007. My love of theatre brought me here, but my love of the mountains kept me here. I so enjoy a quiet hike on a beautiful day or a quiet walk by the river with my dog, Carson. I am also a performer by trade. Since I was a little girl, the stage called to me and I found I had a knack for entertaining people.

    In fact, before arriving here at Prestige Subaru, I was a performing tour guide on the LaZoom Comedy Tours. It's the big purple bus in downtown Asheville. It's always full of folk laughing and having a great time and I'm proud to say that I was a part of that for 5 years.

    With my performance and touring background, I enjoy meeting and talking with new people and I can't wait to meet you!

    Feel free to bring along any fur babies you may have. I would love to meet them and animals are always welcome!

  • Kelly Hensley
    Service Advisor

  • Ike Kearney

  • Tearesa Cartrett
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Bobi Gaertner
    Title Clerk

  • Ryan Mills
    Parts Specialist

  • Gillian Murray
    Service Advisor

  • Diann Stamey
    Service Scheduling Coordinator

  • Robert Austin II
    Senior Master Technician

  • Megan Coleman

  • Scott Beam
    Master Technician

  • Bubba Brady
    Automotive Technician

  • Connor Brooks

  • Colt Brookshire
    Air Bag Technician

  • Dominic Deprospero

  • Tim Gerhard
    Automotive Technician

  • Jerry Ingle
    Automotive Technician

  • David Lewis
    Express Lube Technician

  • Austin Neamand
    Express Service Technician

  • Tyler Tesner
    Express Lube Technician

  • Aaron Ingle

  • Lee Whitmire
    Service Dispatch

  • Chris
    Assistant Sales Manager

  • Jarrad Wilson

  • Daniel Kelly

  • Dan O

  • Issac Tweed

  • Peyton Bray

  • Vinson Cornett
    Sales Specialist

  • Olivia Anderson

  • Dan Passement
    Sales Specialist

  • Kimberly Peterson